My name is Stijn Vanpoucke, born in the magical year of 1985 in Bruges (Belgium). I’m a professional Java developer since 2008, I’m an Oracle certified Java programmer and EJB Expert. Currently I’m happily working for RealDolmen as a Java consultant in the Brussels area. That’s the reason why I recently moved to Ghent, the city where I’ve done my studies, full of good memories but also a crossing point for highways and railways heading to Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.

As a passionate programmer I’m very exited about everything new, improved (or just cool flashy stuff, whats in the name?), I would like to share my experiences during my after work hours experiments in this blog.

I must admit that the most important reason why I’ve created this blog is because of the “uhmz I’ve done this before but how?” so I’ve started to create personal documents in google docs  but why shouldn’t I share them with the world?

Like most of the dev’s around my primary source is Google, I’ll do my very best to add my sources to all my posts. I’m not a native English speaker, and I’ve never had the ambition to become a story writer so I’d like to keep my post technical but If you’ve got any questions or correction feel free to contact me.

You can follow me on twitter and linkedin.